Zuid-Kennemerland National Park

Experience Zuid-Kennemerland National Park

Please note: High tide in the dunes!

The heavy rain of the past few months has caused a number of walking and cycling paths to be difficult or no longer passable. In the dune areas, hikers or cyclists must stay on the paths to protect plants and animals elsewhere in the area. 

We ask you to adapt your walking or cycling tour to the current situation. On behalf of the foresters, thank you very much for your cooperation!

We regularly post updates on the situation on the walking and cycling paths in the park. Click on the link below to download the recent map showing the passable and impassable paths.

Hiking and cycling map: passable and impassable paths


Zuid Kennemerland National Park stretches from Zandvoort to IJmuiden, at a 40-minute drive from Amsterdam. The ever-surprising expanse of dunes, from country estates along the outer edge, through rugged dunes towards the North Sea beach, is the habitat of countless special animals and plants. Click on the map, you will be surprised!  

Fly Along over the Sea Strip

Experience the nature of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park from the comfort of your chair. The dune landscape, with its drifting dunes, forested tops and dune lakes stretches in front of you. Unique nature, worth admiring and protecting!

De Kennemerduinen Our Visitor Centre

Start your visit to Zuid-Kennemerland National Park at De Kennemerduinen, our visitor centre located at the Zeeweg. Here you will find our information desk and store, a free exhibition and the Duincafé, as well as information about excursions, walks and cycle routes.

De Kennemerduinen  Our Visitor Centre