From Luxurious Country Estates to Rugged Dunes

From the highest dune tops, you look out over a variety of park landscapes. Together, they tell the long and unique story of the park’s historical origin. A belt of nine luxurious country estates winds along the eastern outskirts. Westward, you go through rugged dunes, with a varied mosaic of forest, mossy parts, thickets and grasses, to the youngest dunes along the North Sea coast.

The ever-changing dune landscapes and forests constitute the habitat of numerous special plants and animals. The park accommodates no less than 40% of all plants and animals in the Netherlands! You will also find traces of earlier habitation. Wander from east to west, from zone to zone and be surprised!

From Rugged Dunes to Dune Grasslands

From Rugged Dunes to Dune Grasslands Read more