Rules and regulations

Zuid-Kennemerland National Park is accessible from sunrise to sunset. The rules below are a summary of the most important rules that apply in the National Park. In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the special and often vulnerable nature, now and in the future, we ask all our visitors to adhere to these simple rules.

These rules may vary for the different regions of the National Park. Please make sure to check online or at the entrance to see which rules apply specifically to the area you want to visit.

  1. Hiking is only allowed on the indicated roads and paths. You can leave the paths on playgrounds. Cattle tracks and game tracks are only for the animals themselves.
  2. Cycling and mountain biking is only allowed on the cycle paths. It is not allowed to bring bicycles and mountain bikes on the footpaths.
  3. Powered vehicles are not allowed, other than bicycles with pedal assistance, up to a maximum of 25km/h. (With the exception of electric disabled vehicles.)
  4. The horse riding paths are for equestrians only. Equestrians must stay on the horse riding paths.
  5. Dogs and other pets are not allowed. Not even if they are on a leash or in a carrier bicycle. Exceptions: at Carprera, Elswout, Duinvliet on the Visscherspad, Duinpieperpad, Parnassiaweg and on the beach. Please note the local rules, such as leash requirement and the duty to clean up after your pet.
  6. Barbecuing and open fires are prohibited. Be careful with cigarette butts because of the fire hazard, especially in dry periods.
  7. Do not leave trash behind in nature. Take it back with you or put it in a rubbish bin.
  8. Respect nature. It is not allowed to disturb plants or animals or to feed animals. Do not pick flowers, plants, or mushrooms. Keep away from the big grazers: 25 meters from Scottish highlanders, Shetland ponies and konik horses, and 50 meters from bison. They are still wild animals!
  9. Respect other visitors to the area. Do not cause a nuisance or inconvenience. It is not allowed to play amplified music.
  10. It is not allowed to recreate naked.
  11. The use of drones is prohibited throughout the National Park. For an overview on where drones are allowed, go to You need permission to film in the National Park. For more information contact the visitor center.
  12. Wild camping in the National Park and staying overnight at the car park is not allowed.
  13. The use and possession of metal detectors and magnetic fishing is prohibited throughout the National Park.
  14. A permit is required for all commercial and group activities such as sports and filming. To do this, contact the visitor center or the manager of the area, PWN, Natuurmonumenten, or Staatsbosbeheer.

Please note: ticks can also be found in Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. A tick bite can cause Lyme disease. More information about ticks and Lyme disease can be found on the RIVM website.