Short and long routes take you through a varied landscape of forest and dunes and the difference in height forms an extra challenge. If you climb to the top of a dune, you are often rewarded with a beautiful view! Along the way there are many opportunities for stopping, for example, at one of the estates, at the Duincafé in the Visitors’ Centre or at a picnic table along the side of the path.


Routes and map

  • Download the cycle and hiking map below.
  • The visitors centre has various maps and guides for sale that show all the routes. A bicycle guide can also be purchased at the visitors centre, which will take you past several highlights: “With the wind in your hair.” This is an illustrated cycle route and reference book in one. In the National Park you can use the bicycle junction network. Examples of routes of different lengths can also be found at the visitors centre.

Bicycle rental

You can rent bicycles at:

Bike rental at the visitors centre from the 15th of January till the 1st of December from 10.00 am till 3.00 pm, rented bikes need to be returned at least at 4.30 pm at the visitors centre. Rental in the period from the 1st of December till the 15th of January from 10.00 am tot 2.00 pm, the bikes need to be returned at least at 3.30 pm terug te zijn. Visitors centre De Kennemerduinen is open from Tuesday till Sunday and on the second days of Easter, Pentecost and Christmas, also on Mondays during school holidays of region North Netherlands. Bike rental at the visitors centre is only for the day; if you wish to rent a bike for overnight or more days, please go to Rentabike Haarlem (see telephone number below).