Wisent spotting


“Europe’s Big Five” in the Netherlands!

Since 2007, a herd of wisents have been living in “De Kraansvlak” – a closed section of the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. Wisents are also called European bison and justifiably belong to “Europe’s Big 5.” Extensive research is being done on the wisent’s influence on nature and the fortunes of the herd. Background information and the latest news can be found at www.wisenten.nl.


Where are they?

You may see the wisent at the following places:

  1. From the Wisent Lookout Point: with a view of the largest dune lake in the Kraansvlak, this spot is often visited by the wisent on hot summer days. The route is marked, starting at the visitors’ centre.
  2. From the Wisent Path: BISON TRAIL CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: we have decided to give the herd a bit of rest to re-structure and adapt to new herd composition after the transport of the 7 animals. See also the wisenten website. Updates on this will be given via our social media and website.

Despite the information signs at the entrances of the trail, volunteers which can clarify guidelines and our efforts to make people aware about the importance to follow the set guidelines, a number of visitors is deliberately going off trail. This cannot be combined with the current field activities. Therefore we have decided to close the Bison trail from November 20th until further notice.


a trail goes through the wisent area, marked with yellow posts. This route is closed from 1 March to 1 September because of the breeding season. You can park at the entrances Noordduinen en Wurmenveld. Read more on the wisent website

Excursion through the Kraansvlak

Each month a forest ranger guides a group through the Kraansvlak. Look for the wisents and hear all about this endangered species. These excursions (in Dutch) are organised monthly. To reserve a place, please go to the activity calendar on our Dutch site.

Or organise an excursion in English to the wisent yourself. Enter the wisent habitat with a forest ranger with colleagues, friends or family. This excursion is only possible on Fridays. For more information and reservations, please contact the visitors centre.

Rules of conduct for the public

  • Dogs are not permitted, not even on a lead.
  • Walk quietly. No running activities allowed.