To help preserve fragile nature and to ensure other visitors are not inconvenienced, dogs are not welcome everywhere.

Download the map

Dogs are permitted in the areas listed below. Use the digital map to locate the areas.


  • On the Caprera estate (not on a lead)
  • On Elswout (on a lead)

Dune areas

  • Along Visscherspad (not on a lead)
  • Along Duinpieperpad (not on a lead, except for the section between the cattle grids)
  • Along Blinkertweg (not on a lead)
  • In the Heerenduin area before the cattle grid (not on a lead)
  • In the Brouwerskolk Park (not on a lead)
  • In the Wethouder van Geluk Park (on a lead from 1 March until 1 August, otherwise not on a lead)
  • In the Meester Enschede Park (not on a lead)


  • Along the Parnassiaweg, between the entrance of the kiosk and the Parnassia restaurant (on a lead)
  • In the Parnassia car park (on a lead)
  • Beach north of the Parnassia beach exit up until Kattendel (not on a lead)
  • Beach at IJmuiderslag (not on a lead)
  • Beach at IJmuiden aan Zee (not on a lead between 1 October and 1 April)