The Duincafé


For a cup of biological coffee, fresh mint tea or a delicious piece of pie, visit the Duincafé. The Duincafé is famous for its tasty sandwiches, delicious pancakes and local fruit juices.
Here, local and sustainable products are served as much as possible. The Duincafé menu offers a perfect end to an active day in the fresh air. The visitors’ centre can provide information about and arrange reservations for a children’s party, a meeting or group outing.

Groups and parties in the Duincafé

A lunch with a group inside or on the sunny terrace is possible from € 6.75 per person. After, for example, a wonderful guided tour with an experienced guide, the day can be closed with a drinks get-together or by relaxing together with a Mediterranean or seasonal dinner buffet in the Duincafé. This is possible for 20 people or more.

A festive birthday party can also be held here. The Duincafé offers different children’s programmes, such as “poffertjes” (mini pancakes) with soft drinks and a delicious ice cream that could top off a treasure hunt at the visitors’ centre.


Meetings and special offers

If you rent a meeting room in the visitors’ centre, the Duincafé will tailor the catering based on your requirements. Just let us know what you want. The Duincafé offers something for everyone: from a cup of coffee to a a full day’s outing from € 19.50 per person (incl. coffee with a snack, lunch and juices in the afternoon). The offers can be combined with a wisent excursion, an interesting lecture on the nature at the park or one of the many other possible excursions in the national park.

Local and sustainable

The Duincafé serves local and biological products as much as possible. The famous Olmenhorst Estate in Lisserbroek provides the natural fruit juices. The traditionally brewed biological beer, including white and amber beer, is from Gulpener. The Green Wine Company is responsible for our fruity Sauvignon and Tempranillo, and the employees of the Appeltaart Imperium (Apple Pie Imperium of St. Roads) in Haarlem bake our apple pies fresh each day.



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