Horseback riding


Active and varied

Galloping along the beach, trotting through the dunes or unwinding on the back of your horse while riding through what the beautiful nature has to offer. Bridle paths crisscross the park, marked with a sign of a horseshoe or horseman. Most of the paths are narrow and go through the open dunes or forest. This means active horseback riding! Curves, soft sand and dunes are all part of this landscape.

Rules of conduct

You will be riding through pastureland. Enjoy the exceptional growth, but also the horses, deer and cattle that live here. Although the animals are used to horseback riders, they can react unpredictably. Therefore, the following rules apply: keep your distance, and do not pet or feed the animals. It is best to ride around the animals, deviating slightly from the bridle path. Groups must ride one behind the other.


Caravans and lorries can be parked at the Bergweg, Koevlak and Parnassia car parks. The other car parks are too small. The national park can be accessed on horseback at the following entrances: Duin en Kruidberg, Bleek en Berg, Koevlak, Parnassia, Kraantje Lek, Zanderij (Middenduin), Duinpieperpad and Blinkertweg.

Plan your trip


Routes and map

The visitors centre has various maps with bridle paths for sale.

Riding stables/outdoor rides

Would you like to join an outdoor ride? Please contact: